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A Dream goes beyond the internal workings of our mind while we are asleep. A dream manifests itself in our hopes, our ambitions, our imagination, our trials and even our tribulations. For this exhibit, we took a journey through what it means to be a Dreamer. What does it mean to imagine something outside of yourself. How have our dreams, or the dreams of others molded the world we know. From fantasy to bizarre all the way to reality...we invited attendees & artists to express HOW YOU DREAM.

The central Installation for this Art Exhibit provided by MHDesign was be a Fantasy of Perspective. Similar to our first showcase, MHD created an immersive environment that featured black art from artists all over the world. The environment was full of color and energy. A large 3D Dream Weaving Installation caught the momentum of our inner thoughts and dreams, then released them into an arena of good vibes and Hope.

art exhibit
event photo booth